Testimonials from Staff, Students, Parents and Alumni


"At first I chose DeMotte Christian School because they offered me a teaching position, but I soon found out it was more than a mere job.  I quickly noticed a close-knit community among faculty and staff.  But more than that is the attitude toward the students.   The teachers and staff truly love the students and strive to further each one as a student and child of God."
                                                                              Mr. Vander Molen - Junior High Teacher


"Besides academics, we wanted a place where our daughter could freely pray in school and feel free to express her love for Jesus.  She openly sings praises and prays to God in front of everyone on a daily basis, which has become second nature to her.  This confidence in openly expressing her love of God to others will take her far when she's an adult.  We appreciate the genuine caring attitude of all the teachers and staff.   Her teacher individualizes the lesson plans around each student's learning ability, challenging those who need to be challenged and working with those who need extra assistance.  Each student is special to the teachers and the staff, not just a number that gets lost in the crowd.  Our daughter is made to feel special by the staff and for that, we say thank you!"
                                                                                                                    The DeYoung Family


"I am the third generation to go to DMC.  My Grandpa and Dad both graduated from this school!  I like that I can worship God all week at school and that I can pray at school.  The teachers are nice and great teachers.  I love that our school is small and I know most of the kids in my school."
                                                                                                     Tara K - 4th Grade Student


"I enjoy Bible and all the Bible stories and that all my friends are here.  I also love Mrs. Tazelaar's lunches!"
                                                                                                           Jacob D - 3rd Grade Student 



          "As parents, we appreciate the value of Christian education.  Having lived and worked in the area for a considerable time, we were always impressed with the academic and spirtual preparation of DMC students. 
          The parents and teachers are all committed to the educational process.  There is a strong communication between the school and home.  We are regularly amazed at what our children are learning and retaining."
                                                                                                                                                                       The Bayci Family


                                                                                                     "I appreciate the family atmosphere at DMC.  What I've noticed as the difference between DeMotte Christian and other schools is the care and attention that each child is given.  At DMC, the focus is more than just academic, it's to prepare and care for the whole student.  I also really appreciate the family atmosphere that goes along with this care.  The support seems endless - from faculty, staff, parents, and students alike."
                                                                                                      Mr. Blom  - Junior High Social Studies and PE Teacher


"I love that we don't have to try out for sports, you just automatically get in!  I also love that DMC has grades that all interact.  I have friends not only in my grade, but in all the grades."
                               Erica dJ - 7th Grade Student     


"I appreciate the Christian community at DeMotte Christian through the support, prayers, and encouragement.  It's not only seen in the staff but also the parents and students.  I also appreciate the opportunities that we can openly pray with our students, have devotions and discuss God's greatness with them."
                                                                                         Miss Lagestee - 5th Grade Teacher


"The teachers give good lessons about things you need to work on.  I like going to DMC because it's one of the best private schools in Indiana.  My favorite subjects are Art, Library, Music, Gym and Spanish and writing to pen pals.  I've had a lot of great time at DMC.  My favorite sport in gym class is soccer."
                                                                                                                Addie VM - 3rd Grade Student


"I like when we sing on Monday mornings; I also like that we are a private school where we can pray.  I like spending time with my friends at recess."
                                                                                                              Jimmy B - 5th Grade Student

"I like my ability to play in the band because my old school didn't have a band ...  I also like the "fun days" we have in Junior High."
                                                                                                              Rhett L - 6th Grade Student


"I like three things about DMC.  First, I like playing with my friends at recess.  Next, I like the nice and caring teachers.  Finally, I like to listen to the Bible stories."
                                                                                                    Dylan H - 4th Grade Student

"The thing I like most about DeMotte Christian School is that it has Spanish and all the teachers are nice."
                                                                                                    Rory B - 3rd Grade Student