SCRIP Program


  1. SCRIP is being offered to promote the education of students at Demotte Christian School (DMC) and Covenant Christian High School (CCHS); therefore, the monies collected under your account will only be paid to DeMotte Christian Schools, Inc. for tuition reduction (or designated school funds as approved).  If your child(ren) no longer will attend DMC or CCHS for whatever reason, the monies held under your account can be:
    1. credited to your outstanding tuition balance
    2. credited to another family’s tuition balance
    3. credited to the General Fund

      If written notice is received within 60 days of the time the child(ren) leave the school, one of the above can be done.  Otherwise, the monies will automatically be tranferred to the General Fund.  

      Anyone may participate in the SCRIP Program.
  2. A SCRIP registration form MUST be completed for each new school year and the disclaimer section signed before certificates will be released to your child.  Your child will receive only the envelope with certificates ordered under your account.  These forms will be kept on file and DMCS accepts no responsibility for certificates delivered in this manner.
  3. All completed SCRIP order forms are due on Mondays by 8:00 a.m. (or according to the SCRIP schedule) to the designated SCRIP box @ DMC or CCHS.  NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  If your order and payment are not in the SCRIP mailbox or school office by 8:00 a.m., your order will be processed on the next SCRIP date.
  4. Filled orders will be available for pick up on Friday (sometimes as early as Thursday).  Delays can occur in processing & delivery; please plan accordingly.  Please verify the accuracy of your order as soon as possible.  In the event that you should find a discrepancy in your order, please notify the Scrip Coordinator within 24 hours of picking up your order. 

    If you are having someone pick up your SCRIP order (other than yourself or your child), please inform the SCRIP Coordinator.

    Order pick up will be at DMC’s main office for all DMC and ‘Friends/Future Families of DMC’ participants.  CCHS participants will pick up their order at the CCHS main office unless you inform the CCHS office otherwise.
  5. These gift certificates/cards are just like cash.  DMCS will not be held responsible for lost, misplaced, stolen, or expired certificates.
  6. Money is due with your completed order on Monday.  Make checks payable to DeMotte Christian Schools, Inc. SCRIP for the exact amount.  We accept cash; however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen cash.
  7. Ten (10%) percent of your discount that is earned per order will be deducted for administrative costs.
  8. SCRIP certificates are purchased on your behalf and are NOT returnable.

Any questions about this program should be directed to SCRIP Coordinator, Shelley Dexter at 987-3721, or