DeMotte Christian Foundation Facts

  • The DeMotte Christian School Foundation Fund was established in 1982.
  • Between its inception and the 2012-2013 school year, the Foundation Fund has distributed over $1,400,000 to the DeMotte Christian General Fund and has grown to its current value of more than $1,900,000.
  • The Foundation Fund most currently contributes over $95,000 annually to the General Operating Fund of DeMotte Christian School. This equates to tuition reduction of about $400 per family.
  • The Foundation Fund Golf Outing raises approximately $40,000 each year for the Fund. This has been the single largest fundraiser for the Foundation Fund. The Foundation Board thanks the members of the Golf Committee and all those who contributed to each year’s outing.
  • Several years ago, the Foundation Fund built a Foundation House (using donated and reduced cost materials and labor). The Foundation Board thanks the area contractors and builders who made this possible. Proceeds from the sale of the home were added to the Foundation Fund.
  • The Foundation Board of Trustees utilizes the services and advice of Jack Sytsma and Dave Van Wingerden, who are with the Grand Rapids office of Morgan Stanley.

Investment Policies and Objectives
The Foundation Trustees have developed a comprehensive operational policies and guidelines to assist the Trustees in managing the investment of the Fund’s assets. Included within the guidelines are the Foundation Fund’s risk posture, asset allocation policy, investment objectives, guidelines, and restrictions. Also included are the responsibilities of the investment sub-committee and the investment manager, evaluation and review procedures, as well as a statement of policy on social responsibility and investments.

Financial Planning Concepts
The Foundation Trustees are constantly exploring new and creative ways to raise additional resources for the Foundation Fund. The Trustees use Jack Sytsma from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, office of Morgan Stanley. Jack is part of an estate planning and investment team that takes a holistic approach in helping families responsibly manage their financial resources. They take a low key, no pressure approach to helping families plan. They believe that planning begins with your immediate family and encompasses the larger Christian family, which for many of us includes DeMotte Christian School. Jack presented real life examples of creative and effective ways to exercise Christian stewardship.

All of the Trustees were struck by how effective financial planning could produce significant charitable benefits for the Foundation Fund, while also having a significant impact on reducing overall tax liabilities for the contributors. The Trustees were convinced that these financial planning concepts needed to be shared with the supporters of DeMotte Christian.

The cost of educating our children in Christian schools continues to rise each year. Thus, the Foundation Fund becomes an ever increasingly important tool for the DeMotte Christian School. We need your help!

Barnabas Foundation
DeMotte Christian School is a member of the Barnabas Foundation. The Barnabas Foundation seeks to work with Christians in being faithful stewards of the blessings God has bestowed on His people.

Contact Person at Barnabas Foundation:
Amy Bakker Baty or 888-448-3040

To learn more about Barnabas Foundation and their work follow the link below:

Barnabas Foundation advances God's kingdom by providing quality planned giving and estate planning services. The goal is to help caring Christians strengthen support for the ministries of almost 200 member organizations.

In Christ,
DeMotte Christian Foundation Board

Board Members for the 2014-2015 school year are:

  • Irv Dorn, Chairman
  • Roger DeGroot, Secretary
  • Arie deJong, Finance
  • Jeff Andree
  • Rob Arnold
  • Mike Bayci
  • Rod DeYoung
  • Jon Hoek
  • John Thomas
  • Clarence Oudman (Superintendant)