Accelerated Reader


Claire has reached the 125 point club in 4th Grade!

                                      Way to go Claire!!




Lexi reached the 75 Point Club in 2nd grade!
Congratuations, Lexi!!




First grader Olivia has reached the 35 Point Club! 
                     Congratulations; keep reading!



Congratulations to fourth grade student, Sophie, for reaching the 125 Point Club!
                             Great job!


1st Graders Avery, Laney, and Landon reached the 35 Point Club!!
                                              Way to go!!

                         Kennedy joined the AR Club!

Nolan, Jaylyn, and Mason reached the 75 point club 
           in 2nd grade!



                           Will, 1st grader, reach the 35 point club in AR!
                                                  Keep up the great work!

Twelve students in 5th grade made it to the 125 point Club!

Way to go Sawyer, Jackson, Isaac, Jacob, Molly, Gabe,
Brooklyn, Ava B., Kayla, Gracie, Xander and Jayce



Third grader, Jillian, made it to the 125 point Club!




Second grader, Ethan, reached the 75 point Club!



Third grader, Kyle, reached the 125 Point Club!
                            Way to go!!



  First graders, Tyson, Max, Kallie and Trevor,                     
reached the 35 Point Club!                                
          Way to go!!!                                                


Congratulations to 2nd graders Harper, Eva, and Connor
              who reached the 75 point club!
                                     Way to go!!